Chemical Composition of Antares

By Quinn Mahoney

This is a diagramless crossword in the shape of a star. Every answer is written as a series of chemical symbols, with one symbol per space in the grid. Nine of the spaces, however, are not real elements. Reading downwards in three columns, they form the puzzle answer: RED SUPERGIANT.

Across Down
1Fly highSOAR1Health clubsSPAS
4Cause fearSCARE2SpokenORAL
7Use an axCHOP3Far northARCTIC
10Xerox spin-offPARC4Grunge, emo, and dubstep, for exampleSUBGENRES
12MonsterOGRE6Zillow specialtyREAL ESTATE
13Square crackerSALTINE7Comedian QuinnCOLIN
15Hay unitsBALES8Farm animalsHOGS
16HappinessBLISS9G.W.B., e.g.PRES
19Easy puttTAP IN16Chess pieceBISHOP
21WrongSIN18Gullible personNAIF
22SquadsTEAMS20Anderson and GrierPAMS
23Right-wing gatheringC P A C23Desert plantsCACTI
26Sœur's siblingFRERE24Animal rights groupPETA
28Woodworker's applianceSHOP VAC25Common eukaryote proteinACTIN
32Vinegar acidACETIC27EchoREPEAT
34Project req.SPEC29Medicare subprogramPART A
36OutcastPARIAH30Circuit board connectionsVIAS
37DiCaprio filmTITANIC31HurtsACHES
39CERN experimentATLAS33Encryption algorithmCIPHER
42Payment terminal: Abbr.P O S38Nickel or dimeCOIN
46BrilliantSHINY43Shade treeSYCAMORE
49Deadly snakeVIPER46Book partsSPINES
51Place for SettlersCATAN48TemptressSIREN
56Norse godODIN5049-Down wordsI DO
57CustomsMORES52G.W.B. bailout fundT A R P
58LeasesRENTS54Dye userTINTER
60House mbrs.REPS
61Roman emperorNERO